Forum Rules (Read First)


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Forum Rules (Read First)

Post by bearhugger29 on Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:10 am

Forum Rules

1. Treat everyone member on this forum with respect. Keep harsh trolling off this site. Light trolling is fine

2. There will be NO Racist terms or Sexual terms on this forum.

3. Keep topics in there right category

4. No labeling members who prefer a console over yours

5. Do not bug the admins or mods for anything

6. If a spam bot is present on the site. Please report it to an admin or mod

7. Reboot Gaming section will only be access to members who are involved with the community

More rules will be added if needed. If you want to suggest a rule. PM bearhugger29 with your suggestion


Please keep this fan forum clean and reasonable. This forum is designed for fans and friends to relax and just talk gaming. More features will be added as time goes on. For now it's just going to be basics for the time being. I'm always open to suggestions but with limitations as well due to this site having limited features. Here is a list of features I myself will be doing for my fans.

- Events will first be promoted here on my forum

- Winners will be announced via Announcement and a Video

- Every future live stream will also be announced on here as well hours or days before the live event.

- New videos will be posted as well on here directly after they are live on my youtube channel

- Future Dream Team podcasts/Radio Shows will be posted on here 24 hours after live shows

This will be a promise to you guys being fans of my me and my youtube content. Keep this place alive and we will have fun building a community.

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